When your business depends on foot traffic, on people coming into your store, you need to make a good first impression. If your store or business looks like it's being cared for it gives people the confidence to shop with you. Clean windows are a major part of your first impression because they are often the very first thing your customer sees. We clean windows for dozens of local businesses every month, and we'd love to keep your windows clean for you to keep that first impression, and continuing impressions, a good one. We can maintain your windows at whatever frequency you prefer, but we offer a better price for more frequent cleanings. A few of our customers are either every 2 weeks or every 8 weeks, with the majority being every 4 weeks/monthly.

We would love to come and give you an estimate for keeping your windows clean, give us a call or text at 530-263-7530 or send us an email at twoguyswc@gmail.com

The Cost: Most storefronts are $20 - $50    most restaurants are between $25 - $105