Solar panels are a wonderful way to make your home more energy independent, and maintaining those panels is key to their lifespan and efficiency. How much efficiency panels loose as they get dirty is a debated topic, we've seen as low as 7.5% to as high as 30%, but assuming a low estimate of a 10% loss in energy production when dirty, having your solar panels cleaned can pay for itself in increased production in about a month's time.

We can sometime clean the panels from the ground with our 47 foot pure water-fed pole and if not from the ground we have the required equipment to access almost all the panels we could come across.

If you would like to have your panels cleaned, give us a call or text at 530-263-7530 or send us an email at

The Cost: $2.50-$4 per panel depending on size and accessibility, most residential systems are between $50 and $120