If you want to have your windows open, you're going to need window screens. Screens are very low maintenance, but they break down and degrade naturally over time as they are exposed to the elements, especially Redding sun. Sunlight breaks down the fiberglass screen and makes it brittle as well as making the plastic corners (see video below) and pull tabs brittle. Accidents happen (as well as pets) which can cause tears or holes in your screens which make them ineffective at keeping pests out of your home. Sometimes screens disappear all together, whether they are destroyed and never replaced or they were removed and then lost, sometimes a new screen needs to be constructed.

We come and pick up your screens, repair or rebuild them and bring them back to you and install them, you won't need to do a thing.

If you need some screens rebuilt or re-screened give us a call or text at 530-263-7530 or email us at twoguyswc@gmail.com

Building new screens needs to be estimated in person, but here is a price list for re-screening:

Window Screens = $22

Screen Doors = $40