The Screwdriver

Our next tool in this series is the flat head screwdriver. Despite it's name we hardly ever use it for screws, mostly it fulfills three purposes

First, a Flathead screwdriver is a great tool to take window screens out from the outside. Many times a home owner has come around the corner and were surprised that we already had the screen out and were cleaning the window. It seems that many people think the only way to take out a screen is from inside.

Second, the Flathead is a great tool to get the dirt and dust out of the outside window track when a towel can't get it out, it works just like a tiny shovel.

Third, the Flathead, when wrapped with our detailing towel, is great at getting that last bit of cleaning solution that the squeegee can't get to when, as some windows have, there is a small overlap preventing the squeegee from getting all the way to the edge.

There are a million more uses, but we won't go into that now.

Join us next time for our next tool: The paint brush