The Razor

Our next window cleaning tool of the trade is the razor blade. Window cleaners need razor blades to get certain stuck on materials off the glass more efficiently. Things like baked on bird poop, or paint splatter, tree sap and things like that often require that extra bit of oomph that a mop or a scrubbing pad can't quite deliver. 

There are a few varieties in the types of razor blades we use, most commonly in day to day use we would use our 1 inch scraper blade.


For larger jobs, different manufacturers make various sizes to help a job get done more quickly.

Here is a 6 inch razor blade.

Whenever you use a razor blade on glass you want to make sure to never do two things. First, you never want to rub back and forth with a blade on the glass. Small bits of debris can get caught under the blade and can scratch the glass when the blade is pulled backward. Second, you never want to use a razor blade on dry glass, you really need the lubrication that water and soap provide to make sure to not scratch the glass. Even when you follow these two rules, it is still possible to scratch glass with a razor blade, so before you put blade to glass make sure you are okay with any possible consequences.

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