The Bucket

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Today I continue with the tools of the trade, the bucket.

Since most window cleaners use the mop as we covered previously, they need a place to wet and clean their mop and a bucket filled with our cleaning solution is the logical answer. But for many window cleaners, a plain old 5 gallon bucket isn't what they are looking for. 

Here is a window cleaners bucket, I believe which holds up to 6 gallons of solution

The elongated shape allows mops up to 22 inches to be completely submerged. 

There is a more interesting bucket specifically for window cleaners and it's called a bucket on a belt. The BOAB allows us to carry a small amount of our window cleaning solution into a house, along with our mop and 2 or 3 squeegees, without worrying that we or the dog will knock over a regular bucket and ruin our customers floor.

This is just one more of the tools that allow us to clean windows as a professional, doing a thorough job quickly and effectively. Visit us next time for: The Razor Blade