The Towel

Now our next tool of the trade is the humble towel. Before rubber squeegees were invented, window cleaners simply cleaned the windows with towels, I can imagine how much more work that would be, one would either have to use A. a lot more towels per day or B. simply not do as good of a job since cleaning a window with a damp towel leaves all sorts of smears.

Window cleaners use towels to clean any water left on the edges of the glass or the window frame and sill (called detailing). The requirements for a good towel are simply that it be absorbent and mostly lint free.

There are a million different towels that COULD be used, though there are only about 5 types that are regularly used by professional window cleaners.

1. Cotton towel - The humble bathroom towel, these towels work well once they have been washed and dried several times (to remove the lint) a large bath towel might be used as a drop cloth, or the hand towel works as a good detailing towel, they are fairly absorbent and relatively inexpensive.

2. Chamois - Often used for automotive detailing, I've never used one personally but I've included it because I know there are a fair amount of window cleaners that do.

3. Microfiber towel - Not often used for cleaning the frames and sills, these are often used for detailing the glass itself because they can be incredibly absorbent and rarely leave smears. 

4. Scrim - I hear these are the go to detailing towel in the UK (the birthplace of window cleaning). They are large hemmed pieces of Irish line. Some window cleaners claim they can detail a whole house with one scrim (I've come close) and that they still work well even when damp.

5. Surgical/huck towels - These are the most popular towel for window cleaners, they are highly absorbent, just the right size and you can just "huck" them in the truck when they get too wet/dirty.

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