The Mop

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This week we continue our series on the tools of the trade with "The Mop" 

This tool really could have been the first post since you have no need for a squeegee without a way to get the window clean and scrub it, that's what the window cleaners mop is for.

Here is the standard mop that I use.


The mop only has two components, the handle (or T bar) and the sleeve (or scrubber)


Here are three different sized T bars and sleeves, a 10 inch 14 inch and 18 inch, they make as small as 6 inch and as large as 22 inch (at least commonly, there are some crazy 30 inch mops, but you can't get the whole thing or even half of it in a bucket so I don't see the point)

On every window I pull out my mop to wet and scrub the window, I may use some other secondary scrubbing devices but every window starts with the mop, It's an indispensable tool of the trade.

There are two other versions of the mop, first is a mop and squeegee combo that many different manufacturers make with a mop on one side and a squeegee on the other. The purpose of this tool is for cleaning tall windows with an extension pole. Since both tools are in one, you don't have to waist time scrubbing the window, pulling down the pole, taking off the mop, attaching the squeegee and then squeegeeing the glass. By the time you do, especially in summer, the water may have dried leaving the windows dirtier than before. Since both tools are attached you simply scrub, turn it around and then squeegee.

The other combo tool is made by the company Wagtail from Australia. It has a thin pad that flips over the squeegee and after scrubbing the glass you simply flick the pad back and squeegee the glass. It also is designed to pivot so that you can use the fanning technique to clean the glass in one fluid motion.

So this tool is quite simple, but it is essential to window cleaning and we couldn't do it (at least as well or as quickly) without it.

Check back in next week for our next tool: The Towel

-Ben / Two Guys Window Cleaning